Create a User

  1. Select the User tab

  2. Select the Add New button

  3. The system displays a blank record

  4. Enter values for each of the columns

    1. User ID this is typically something short that identifies the user and will be used as their log in name

    2. Name this is typically their full name and can be used in some of the web services instead of the User ID for displaying and printing

    3. Password this is typically a temporary password, Users can change their own passwords in each of the web services

    4. Description this is typically a persons role within an Organization

    5. Admin checkbox you can use this checkbox to create other Administrator Users for your Organization

    6. Active checkbox this is defaulted to checked, since new users are expected to use the service

  5. Click the Save link to create the User record

  6. The new user is displayed in the table

  7. Click on the push pin control to select the User from the table


NOTE: The row in the datagrid will be highlighted blue and the text will be white.