Welcome to EGate

EGate is PGT Industries’ security application for Web Services.  (Ver: January 2007)


Web Services are applications that PGT’s Windows and Web Development Team have created which users can access via the Internet.   Organizations are granted access to the Service(s) and then Users within the Organization are then granted access to the Service(s).   Each of these Services has specific functionality that requires Permission to access.   The final step is to set the Permissions for a specific Service for a User within an Organization.


EGate controls the features that will be displayed depending on the user.   EGate Users include:


This Help file is designed to address the needs for each of these user-groups.   Open the Book to the left that represents the user-group you belong to.


For further assistance or suggestions, contact the EGate Product Specialist by calling 1 (800) 282-6019 ext. 2148 or click here to send an email message.