Manage your User's Permissions

NOTE: You must first have your User selected before you can manage their Services.  See this help topic for assistance.  Additionally, a User must have access to a Service in order to manage their Permissions in that Service.  See this help file for assistance.


  1. Select the Permissions link on the Page bar of the User tab

  2. The system displays the following page



NOTE: The selected User is displayed on the page, in this case, it is TR


  1. Select the web service from the Service list box

  2. Select a category from the Category list box

  3. The system will display the Permissions associated with the selected Category

  4. Select the check boxes to Grant the Permission


  1. De-select the check box to Deny the Permission

  2. Select the Save button to record the Permission selections for that Category

  3. Now select the next Category and repeat steps 5 - 8